Vision of the Union:

The vision of the International Union for Social Responsibility, is to urge government and private organizations around the world to join in promoting social responsibility, though enhancing their active community role by adopting universal methodology standards that take into account responsible environmental, economic, and social regulations. Through the implementation of programs to build institutional capabilities and provide specialized consulting that will aid in promoting the application of sustainable development and social responsibility and conducting research studies on the applications of social responsibility; in addition to promotion social responsibility practices through effective professional activities. This will be achieved through collaborating and partnering with professional and specialized United Nations agencies and significant international organizations.

Mission of the Union:

The International Union for Social Responsibility is an international organization whose mission is to deliver international standard social responsibility practices to its fellow member organizations; through integrating the social responsibility principles into their business models, and providing the necessary mechanisms and skills required to enhance their social responsibility role, which will strengthen and empower their roles in their communities. The union aims further to be a platform for collaborations with various organizations and a catalyst for innovation to build sustainable and inclusive conscious socially responsible communities. To engage with worldwide organizations about policies that drive international social responsibility agenda; and to create a network which is globally recognised.